This ToiKo innovative design contains a USB port that allows simultaneous charging of two devices.

Rapdily charges most cell phones with Micro-USB plug.
The USB port can also be used to charge additional devices such as MP3 players, bluetooth devices, digital cameras and more.

ToiKo car power charger gives you the charging performance needed while traveling in your vehicle. For easy recharging of your Phone just plug the car charger into the power socket of your vehicle and never miss a call. The ToiKo car charger is designed to optimize performance, portability, and storage capabilities.

5V 3.4A Coiled car charger
Input: DC 12V-24V
Dual Output: DC Max.5.0V/2400Ma(Cable)+ DC Max.5.0V/1000 mA(USB)


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gVCKbbed 400x400


Excellent grade and fits the phone buttons perfectly. Super satisfied!
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Samuel Silas

Very, very good! Would recommend it to anyone - supports wireless charging and card payments. Fast shipping and an excellent seller.
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John Doe

The case fits perfectly, and as always is of amazing quality. Looks so stylish!
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dawei he

AMAZING material, ordering a second one! Highly recommend.
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Outstanding value for money. Always the best quality with this brand!!