For easy access on the go or wherever you are. Toiko Car Mounts are designed from sturdy materials and take your device with you, whether that’s around the block or across the country. For hands-free access and protection from bumps, rely on Toiko. 


Peal off the sticker cover from the bottom of the mount. Place the mount on a clean, flat, non-rigid surface like a dashboard or a desk. Attach a metal plate to the back of your device. Place your device on the mount.


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gVCKbbed 400x400


Excellent grade and fits the phone buttons perfectly. Super satisfied!
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Samuel Silas

Very, very good! Would recommend it to anyone - supports wireless charging and card payments. Fast shipping and an excellent seller.
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John Doe

The case fits perfectly, and as always is of amazing quality. Looks so stylish!
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dawei he

AMAZING material, ordering a second one! Highly recommend.
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Outstanding value for money. Always the best quality with this brand!!
Flexible Base Magnetic Car Mount DB-7
Flexible Base Magnetic Car Mount DB-7
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